EBT Certification for Health Professionals

Expand your capacity to deliver remarkable and lasting improvements in health to your patients by becoming certified to deliver one-on-one and group clinical services based on Emotional Brain Training (EBT). EBT is a new paradigm in healthcare based on the neurophysiology and neuroplasticity of the emotional brain. It is the missing link in healthcare, equipping patients with the skills of exceptional self-regulation and rewiring of the circuits that cause most mental health problems and chronic diseases.

The unique features of EBT are that it:

  • goes beyond the limits of cognitive methods to switch off the stress-induced maladaptive chemical cascade that promotes disease.
  • delivers a new psychology and behavioral therapy based on neurophysiology to directly and immediately improve biochemistry, emotions, thoughts, and behaviors.
  • provides rapid-acting, reliable skills to transform negative emotions and stress into positive emotions and relaxation.
  • facilitates the mastery of self-directed reconsolidation of maladaptive circuits in patients.
  • raises the brain's set point for lasting improvements in health, psychosocial development, and happiness.
  • provides a suite of technology-based services to extend the impact of the clinical encounter and improve patient health outcomes and satisfaction.

EBT is a physiologically-based method that can be bolted onto anything that is evidence-based.

  • When you bolt EBT onto psychotherapy, it becomes neuroscientific psychotherapy.
  • When you bolt EBT onto nutrition counseling, it becomes neuroscientific nutrition counseling.
  • When you bolt EBT onto health coaching, it becomes neuroscientific health coaching.

To explore your interest in certification, take one of our introductory courses to learn the basics of EBT. Then, complete three months of distance learning to become a Certified EBT Educator. Select a one-hour weekly group of your choice to learn the tools personally, and participate in one hour per week of “EBT Labs” via Zoom for firsthand clinical training as you begin offering EBT coaching in your clinical practice. View videos online to learn the 20 Skills of EBT. If you want more, continue with your group training, labs, and self-study courses for full certification.

By becoming certified in EBT, you will experience the satisfaction of using neuroscience-based tools that create rapid relief and deep changes in your patients, even those with the most challenging problems. You will be part of our EBT Professional Community, which is enthusiastic about this new paradigm and actively engaged in program research and delivering the method in clinical practice.

All individuals who are certified in EBT receive a lifetime membership to EBT, a FREE annual science, theory, and practices video and materials update, and FREE registration for the EBT Annual Meeting for clinicians, researchers, educators, and technologists.

Certification is available for a broad range of professionals within the scope of practice of their discipline. Eligibility for certification in EBT requires the following qualifications:

  • Certified EBT Provider: A licensed health professional delivering talk therapy services for maladaptive behaviors, disordered eating, mood disorders, trauma, addictive behaviors, couples counseling, or family therapy with these credentials: licensed professional counselor, licensed social worker, licensed marriage and family counselor, certified addiction counselor, licensed psychologist, registered nurse practitioner, registered advanced practice nurse, registered dietitian, licensed nutritionist, or physician.
  • Certified EBT Educator or Coach: A licensed, registered, or certified health professional with a minimum of a bachelor's degree with these credentials: registered nurse, physical therapist, speech pathologist, or chiropractor.

Choose one of two specialties for delivery of services within your scope of practice:

  • Stress Overload (Emotional Health): Provide one-on-one and group training to individuals for the prevention or treatment of stress-induced symptoms, such as anxiety, depression, PTSD, trauma, pain management, addiction, chronic diseases, and relationship stress.
  • Stress Eating (Obesity and Health): Provide one-on-one and group training to individuals for the prevention and treatment of disordered eating, obesity, bariatric medicine, heart disease, and diabetes.

Judy Zehr, LPC, MHRM
Director of Emotional Health, EBT

Certified EBT Educator (3 months)

Complete an introductory professional course on EBT among our offerings (one or two days) and become eligible for training as a Certified EBT Educator. Then, start learning the skills personally and professionally. Join a 60-minute weekly telegroup of your choice to rewire your brain so that you can draw upon your own experiences when you deliver EBT to your patients. Complete the EBT Essentials and How to Rewire Courses. Learn clinical skills. Gain access to the 20 Core Skills in one EBT Lab session per week by Zoom for clinical skill building and consultation as you launch your EBT Practice.


Introductory Course Fee: $159.

Educator certification

$375 per month for three months (includes $189/month for personal training).

Robin Anderson, RD
Director of Nutritional Health, EBT

Certified EBT Coach or Provider (6 months)

Once you have completed Certified Educator training, continue with your same weekly EBT telegroup to complete the personal training. Participate in EBT Labs for Coach or Provider Certification (choose one) with hands-on clinical training in using the rewiring skills in coaching and delivering group sessions. Listen to audiotapes of advanced clinical services in EBT with challenging clinical sessions, which also boost your own emotional set point. Receive mentoring as you begin delivering group sessions on the EBT Platform and provide coaching to patients to rewire strong drives and trauma and raise the brain's set point for lasting improvements in health and quality of life.


$375 per month for six months (includes $189/month for personal training).

Dave Ingebritsen, PhD
Director, The EBT Mental Health Initiative

Fees and cancellations

Enrollment is on a first-come, first-served basis. Subscriptions can be canceled on your provider homepage at any time and enrollment in that training will continue until the next billing cycle begins. Fees for the two basic certification programs are prepaid by monthly subscription.

Safety and Limits

We protect the integrity of this credential by checking participation in the program (via the app) for each certification level and requesting documentation of what clinicians have learned from each audiotape session. We reserve the right to de-enroll any provider or coach whose participation poses a significant risk to other trainees or is not in compliance with professional standards and safety guidelines for participating in EBT group training.

Costs and Privileges of Certification

Each Certified EBT Coach or Provider has a private webpage, giving them a link to send to patients and to post on their website, showing that they are certified in the method. If they are delivering services through the EBT Portal for groups (all groups are conducted on the portal for quality assurance), their open groups are listed there. All EBT Coaches and Providers deliver coaching to their own patients through their practice. When delivering EBT groups, coaches and providers use a professional services program delivery page that displays each group participant's check-ins, learning progress, community connections, and attendance. The use of this portal by providers is associated with improved health outcomes and program satisfaction for participants.

As a member of the EBT Professional Community, you will have access to ongoing review certification courses, downloads of educational handouts, participation in our annual meetings and interest groups, and a complimentary membership in EBT.

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